Sunday Sesh


How about a Weekend Session? A pamper session that is…. A gorgeous mini Phalaenopsis orchid to tantalise the eye balls,  with a spruce up from Tonic with their beautifully scented ‘Rachel’  Liberty soap*, plus a wee power nap with the aid of this luxury eye mask and really, that’s a perfect weekend  sorted…

*Orchid: super easy care, minimum fuss, maximum shelf life. Will re bloom with the right, surprisingly easy care..

* Tonic Liberty Soap: Hand wrapped with Liberty Fabrics, our ‘Rachel’ Shea Butter Soap is the perfect gift or addition to your hand & body wash routine. Made in Australia, our soaps leave your skin feeling hydrated, nourished, and silky soft. The aroma of Rose Petals will fill your bathroom instantly and provide a luxurious and relaxing scent for yourself and guests to enjoy.

* Eye Mask: Relax and eliminate the light in the room with our Luxe Linen Eye Mask. Beautifully crafted, our eye masks are designed to sit comfortably and gently across your eyes, head and hair. Made from a luxurious linen front and soft satin back, our eye masks assist in providing the perfect sleep environment. Great for nightly use at home or while travelling, this Eye Mask is great for blocking out light on planes, in bedrooms and while practising meditation or relaxation.

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