Mama Mia


Mama Mia! What is this colourfulness! A gorgeous bouquet of bright, mixed market fresh blooms *, coupled with a beautifully scented heat pack and a luxurious eye mask….

* Blooms may vary to picture shown, but will always be market fresh-as-a-daisy, lasting and colourful blooms…Bouquet pictured is in vase, but will be sent as a bag wrapped bouquet..

*Heat pack: Embark on a enchanting journey of soothing comfort with our Liberty Fairytale Forest Heat Pillow. The mesmerizing Liberty of London Fairytale Forest Tana Lawn™ print, a tribute to timeless folklore, showcases delightful blooms that evoke a botanical wonderland. Expertly filled with locally sourced barley and lavender, each pillow is meticulously filled and finished in Australia. Immerse yourself in the luxurious warmth and let the natural therapeutic benefits of lavender ease muscle aches, tension, or simply elevate your relaxation routine.

Eye mask: Dive into a world of tranquility with our Luxe Velvet Eye Mask in Black. Crafted to eliminate even the faintest glimmer of light, this mask features a soft velvet front, a gentle satin back, and a secure elasticized satin strap that’s gentle on your hair and skin. Ideal for travel or easing migraines, headaches, or stress, it creates a cocoon of darkness for undisturbed relaxation and rejuvenation.