Flourish Pink Gift Combo


A gorgeous bouquet of seasonal blooms* presented in a glass vase to keep. Add to this a fabulous heat pack and relaxing eye mask  from our friends at ‘Tonic’ and you’ve all the makings of a super winter season treat….

*Blooms will vary due to availability.

*Flourish Heat Pack – Hand filled, our Flourish Heat Pillow provides a soothing remedy for body aches and pains or to reduce stress and tension. Lavender can help improve sleep, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote calm and wellness. This beautiful Flourish watercolour design is made from sustainable cotton. Perfect as a self-care gift or to comfort a friend or loved one. Ingredients: Barley and Lavender.

*Luxe Velvet eye mask – Eliminate the light in the room with our Luxe Velvet Eye Mask as it helps you drift into a deep sleep. Relax with a soft velvet front and satin back while a comfortable elasticised satin strap holds it securely in place. Perfect for easing migraines, headaches or stress as it assists in providing a darker sleep environment.

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