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  1. Ab Fab

    Ab Fab

    Bright and funky for the young at heart... Learn More
  2. Linden Leaves In Love Again
  3. Congratulations on your Engagement!

    Congratulations on your Engagement!

    Congratulations on your Engagement! Silver and white Learn More
  4. Linden Leaves 'In Love Again'

    Linden Leaves 'In Love Again'

    Linden Leaves Aromatherapy Synergy - In Love Again Choose one or choose them all.... Learn More
  5. Linden Leaves Ginseng and Orange Blossom

    Linden Leaves Ginseng and Orange Blossom

    A delicious infusion of slightly sweet, floral orange blossom marked by spicy aromas of ginseng.... Learn More
  6. Silver Wedding Anniversary

    Silver Wedding Anniversary

    Wow - 25 years.... Congratulations! 18" helium foil Learn More
  7. Golden Wedding Anniversary

    Golden Wedding Anniversary

    50 years - an amazing achievement and what a fun way to celebrate by sending this gorgeous balloon.... 18" helium foil Learn More
  8. Retirement


    Hooray - it's time to retire! Send this celebratory balloon on the last day or work or first day of retirement... 18"helium foil Learn More
  9. Congratulations dots

    Congratulations dots

    18" foil helium balloon Learn More
  10. Fabulously Freesia

    Fabulously Freesia

    A gorgeous bouquet of freesia blooms, beautifully gift wrapped and with foliage to tone, a personal favourite for so many... Learn More
  11. In Bloom - Green Verbena

    In Bloom - Green Verbena

    You'll love these beautiful, luxurious products..... NEW from Linden Leaves... Learn More
  12. Linden Leaves 'In Bloom' Pink Petal

    Linden Leaves 'In Bloom' Pink Petal

    Pure NZ made - NEW In Bloom range! Learn More
  13. Empire Australia Aromapure

    Empire Australia Aromapure

    NEW to Zinnia - Empire Australia Aromapure, hand wash and body wash Learn More
  14. Bloomalicious


    You'll be on to a winner with this one... Learn More
  15. Pink Perfection

    Pink Perfection

    NEW - more from the gorgeous Linden Leaves range. Learn More
  16. Sweet Dreams

    Sweet Dreams

    Soft and gentle all round this gift is ideal for sweet dreams.... Learn More
  17. Green Verbena Blooms

    Green Verbena Blooms

    Classic and elegant, flowers, vase and candle. Perfect easy giving. Learn More
  18. Linden Leaves Ginger Peach

    Linden Leaves Ginger Peach

    Ginger Peach - a spicy infusion of aromatic ginger with the fresh sweetness of peach.... need we say more....? Learn More
  19. Mindfood Moment

    Mindfood Moment

    A relaxing winters day.... total indulgence.... Learn More
  20. Gerbera Sensation

    Gerbera Sensation

    Hand Tied bouquet bright and funky... Learn More
  21. Florist Choice

    Florist Choice

    Great value for money... Learn More
  22. To Cheer You

    To Cheer You

    A cheerful mix of scented flowers, hand tied into a beautiful bouquet or ready made into a Bloom Box with water - an instant pick me up. Learn More
  23. Seduction


    12 red roses in a hand tied For the Ultimate Romantic.... Learn More
  24. Lemon n' Lime

    Lemon n' Lime

    A juicy mix of colours, ready made in a ceramic pot… Learn More
  25. Delilah


    Hand Tied bouquet beautifully scented… Learn More
  26. Elegance


    A beautifully scented elegant bouquet... Learn More
  27. Potted Phalaenopsis Orchid

    Potted Phalaenopsis Orchid

    Great value for money, super long lasting blooms that will re-spike again with the right (surprisingly easy) care. Learn More
  28. Gardeners Delight

    Gardeners Delight

    Gift giving for green fingers......... Learn More
  29. Tulip Sensation

    Tulip Sensation

    Sensational.....! Learn More
  30. Phale in glass

    Phale in glass

    What about this gorgeous phalaenopsis orchid in a moss lined glass vase.... (Colour may vary due to availability) Learn More

Items 1 to 30 of 36 total

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